Announcing Kindful Health

July 31, 2023

Kindful Health introduces best-in-class hospice care to benefit the seriously ill and their families. While Kindful Health is new, the Kindful Health team provides decades of hospice experience garnered from the industry’s largest companies.

How is Kindful’s hospice care best-in-class?

Great question! Kindful is different by design. We hire different, train different and the result is a unique culture built around kindness that allows our team members to provide a concierge level of hospice care and in turn, “Out care the competition”.

How do we select the best hospice team to serve you?

We focus on hiring to our Purpose, Characteristics, and Values. The Kindful Purpose is simply “To Serve”. All our team members are built with hearts of service.

Characteristics that we seek in every team member include:

  1. Growth Mindset
  2. Optimism
  3. Enthusiasm

Our goal is to enlist team members who embody the following characteristics and personality traits. That’s how we know we are on our way to building a common culture that will support and drive best-in-class care.

The values we seek for our T.E.A.M. are:

  1. Truth
  2. Excellence
  3. Accountability
  4. Mercy

We hire to our values and when someone chooses to violate our values we have the discipline to allow them to work elsewhere, thus conserving, protecting, and growing our Kindful culture.

How do we help our team provide the best hospice care?

By using Kindful’s proprietary onboarding, custom learning tracks, competency checks, 6-day smooth start calls, proprietary Kindful Visit methodology, ongoing quality assurance, and performance improvement plans, we’re able to reduce nurse variability to assure a best-in-class hospice experience.

How does Kindful’s hospice care compare?

Is there a difference between a shank steak and prime rib? They are both steaks, but I think you’ll agree they are very different experiences. Many hospices go through the motions of hospice, but Kindful includes our magic ingredients of the Kindful Culture which results in a uniquely caring and supportive experience grounded in kindness that assures the patient and family receive a concierge-level experience.

Kindful views the end of life much like the beginning of life. We want to surround the patient and family with all the care, love, and support during this most impactful time.

Learn more about Kindful’s hospice care

Ask yourself, is your hospice doing enough? Or are they just going through the motions? We encourage you to let Kindful show you what true care looks like. To learn more check out our resources or contact us at (866) 730-4550 or [email protected]