What We Do

We value T.E.A.M.

We hire to our values and people leave when they fail to uphold these values. This dedication to our values creates a self reinforcing culture that attracts “A players” who in turn attract other “A players”. This is the very definition of culture, a group of people dedicated to the same mission and values.

We Serve medical professionals and care providers

No matter what setting the patient is located in today or who is directing their care, hospice is available for all patients who meet admission criteria.

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Why Hospice?

“Hospice and palliative care are central parts of the solution to America's health care crisis since they improve quality of care and reduce costs for a key population — those with serious, complex illnesses who, while numbering less than 10% of patients, account for more than two‑thirds of healthcare spending.”

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Series On Health Policy | Palliative Care

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Hospice + Your Care Philosophy

Hospitals + Health Systems

If your hospital or health system is involved with risk-based contracts, contact Kindful to learn how we help improve care and reduce costs.

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Doctors + Specialists

If you work with the Elderly, Chronic or Seriously Ill then your practice should consider how Hospice & Palliative Care fits into your practice to help achieve your goals.

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Skilled Nursing

Are you leveraging Hospice & Palliative Care to help achieve your goals including care quality and occupancy?

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Assisted Living

Assisted Living is becoming the setting of choice for the Elderly, Chronic, and Seriously Ill. This leads to higher acuity residents who desperately want to age in place. Hospice care offers high-acuity residents the ability to live out their wishes of aging in place which in turn leads to lower turnover and higher occupancy.

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Home Health

When is the right time to “bridge” a patient from home health to hospice? How can you leverage hospice to help make your case with hospitals for controlling costs? Let us show you what we’ve learned through decades of running post-acute care service companies. Home Health and Hospice are built to work together to the benefit of the patient.

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Payers and ACOs

How are you leveraging in home service providers to delivery care to the Elderly, Chronic and Seriously Ill to help provide higher quality care at lower costs?

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Why Kindful?

Because we understand what’s important to you.



Kindful not only guarantees timely admissions but we also provide best‑in‑class On‑Call support to ensure patients receive the care they need and deserve.


Kindful is focused on obtaining top scores for Hospice CAHPS Surveys as an indicator of quality.


Kindful is a first mover in using telehealth, remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, and a paramedic call center to provide 24/7 access to care for all patients.

We know cost savings

Kindful founders have participated in narrow networks, high‑performance networks, ACOs with hospitals, ACOs with physicians, and built custom palliative care plans for insurance companies. Let us share what we’ve learned to help you achieve your goals.