Heartfelt Testimonials

Hospice Care
May 7, 2024

The Highest Form of Praise

In hospice, the highest form of praise is when a family member was so impacted by the quality of care provided by our team that they feel inspired to let us know with a card, comment, letter, or note. This recognition of a job well done fills up our team members and inspires them to support the next patient and family at a similarly high level.

The Impact of Recognition in Hospice Care

We take great pride when obituaries come out that include a shout out to our team for their caring approach. But nothing has been more meaningful than when the surviving spouse of one of our patients took the time to write two poems; one to the liaison who walked them through the decision to elect hospice and another to the certified nurse assistant who provided recurring care to the patient.

Expressions of Gratitude in Hospice

Ode to Kaci

Written in appreciation to Kindful Hospice Liaison Kaci Brown, RN for the care and compassion she provided to Roxanne and Rodney Cantrell.

Had you not stayed in touch, I do not know what I would have done.

You helped me more than you will ever know. Your team swooped in like a Hurricane on the go.

They gave me whatsoever I needed to stay afloat.

Because of y’all, my husband was allowed to go home without suffering or pain he was accustomed to. You have a noble profession in what you do.

Only good people can be as merciful as you. And your team is phenomenal in what they do with the utmost Grace shining through.

Showing compassion which showed no bounds. I am a better person for having known all of you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My only regret is not calling you sooner, as you are definitely the best.

God bless you and all of yours and a deep thank you from above and here on earth.

Roxanne Cantrell

Ode to Lindsey

Written in appreciation to Kindful Certified Nurse Assistant Lindsey Pitts for the care and compassion she provided to Roxanne and Rodney Cantrell.

You showed my husband as much love, compassion, understanding, patience, sense of humor, dignity, and grace, never temperamental, when he got out of place.

Always gentle with a smile on your face.

He’d say, “Is that girl coming back?”

He really liked you and so do I. Hell, I love you.

You took your time. Always pleasing, understanding, polite and kind.

You REALLY made a difference in our life!!!

You are a bright and shining light, a beacon to those who walk that dark journey at the end of life.

A flashlight for the blind.

Baby keep shining that light.

Remember someone from up above may be looking down on you even if it’s with one leg!

Roxanne Cantrell

Making a Difference, One Patient at a Time

There is nothing like being in a “caring profession” where we get to make our living by loving patients and families. Some of this love is with clinical care. Some of this love is with emotional and spiritual support. All of this love makes a huge impact on the patients and families we serve as evidenced by their highest form of praise in the form of notes of appreciation, or in this case, beau

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